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Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


I've been a professional artist since the 1960's, after having received my Graduate Degree equivalence from the Hochschüle für Bildende Künste, Berlin, Germany. My work has been in solo and group exhibitions in Copenhagen, Denmark, Amsterdam, Holland, Bern and Basel, Switzerland, Barcelona, Spain, Toronto, Canada, Boston and Boston area, MA, and New York City. Exhibitions have been reviewed in Boston Globe and Christian Science Monitor, Boston, MA, Modern Painters, NY/London, and major newspapers in Toronto, Canada; Bern and Basel, Switzerland; Amsterdam and Leeuwarden, Holland; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Barcelona, Spain.
In the 1990's, my professional practice switched predominantly to photography.
My photographs are in the collection of DeCordova Art Museum (Lincoln, MA), and in numerous private collections.

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Group Shows,  S.H.E. (Shared Habitat Earth),  March-April 2023
                  -- Belmont Gallery of Art, Belmont MA -- Opening March 12, 2-4 pm
                  -- Quincy Art Association, Quincy MA -- Opening March 25, 3-5 pm

Recent   solo shows:
     WHAT WE HAVE WROUGHT ,  a 3-Person Exhibition with Neal Rantoul & Mags Harries, curated by Philip Gerstein   at Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA -- April 2019.
Recommended/reproduced in Boston's online photography magazine as one of best photo show picks:
To read the extensive Curatorial Statement (with images), click here.
     "Off the Beaten Path: New Photographs",  Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA  -- Oct 2017.
     "Constructive Engagement",  Fuchs Projects, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY -- May 2017.  
Reviewed by Piri Halasz on her blog "From the Mayor's Doorstep" May 25, 2017.  
Also featured & reproduced on Art in Brooklyn  blog.

     "about construction",  Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA  -- October 2015.
Reviewed in The Boston Globe (10/21/15, Cate McQuaid) -- see review here.

     “Of Moody Beach: Impressions in B&W and Color,  Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA -- Feb 2013.
     “Cape Cod in Winter,  Boston Public Library, Roxbury, MA -- Jan 2012.
     “In Color”,  Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA -- May 2010.

Recent (selected)   group shows:
    "Juried Show - Photography",  Concord Art Association, Concord MA -- Feb-Mar 2022
    "Transitions", online juried show,  Cape Cod Art Center, Barnstable MA -- Sept. 2021. 
    "Your Art Here",  Photographic Resource Center (at Lesley Univ.), Cambridge MA -- Nov-Dec 2020.
    "Winter Solstice Show", Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA -- December 2020.  
    "PAAM Juried Show",  Provincetown Art Museum, Provincetown MA  (Feb-Mar 2020). Juried by Nick Capasso, Director, Fitchburg Art Museum.
    "National Juried Show",  Rockport Art Association & Museum, Rockport MA  (Nov 2019 - Jan 2020 ).
    "Water", Gallery Kayafas, Boston MA (July-Aug 2019).
     "What We Have Wrought" --  3-person show with Neal Rantoul & Mags Harries, curated by Philip Gerstein,  Galatea Fine Art, Boston MA  (Apr 2019). For the Curatorial Statement (with images), click here
Recommended/reproduced in Boston's online photography magazine as one of best photo show picks ("What Will You Remember", Apr.2019).
    "PAAM Juried Show",   Provincetown Art Museum, Provincetown MA  (Mar-May 2019). Juried by Erin Becker, Norma Jean Calderwood Director, Cambridge Art Association.
    "Resist",  PAAM, Provincetown Art Museum, Provincetown MA  (Mar-May 2019}.
    "PAAM Show",  Provincetown Museum, Provincetown MA  (Mar-May 2018).

     "Sideshow Nation VI: The Greatest Show on Earth",  Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY  (Jan-Mar 2018). Reviewed by Piri Halasz on her art blog "From the Mayor's Doorstep" Feb. 25, 2018

    "Winter Solstice 2017"  at Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA  (Dec 2017);
    "Sideshow Nation V"  at Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY  (Jan-Feb 2017). Reviewed by Piri Halasz on her blog "From the Mayor's Doorstep" Feb. 15, 2017;
    "Spring Juried Show"  at Provincetown Art Museum, Provincetown MA  (May-June 2016); 
    "Small Works Baruch Juried"   at Sidney Mishkin Gallery, Baruch College, New York, NY  (Apr - May 2016);
    "Thesis/Antithesis: Small Works Salon 2016"  at Chandler Gallery, Maud Morgan Art Center, Cambridge MA   (juried by Gerry Bergstein, SMFA)  (Mar - Apr 2016);
    "Winter Juried Show"  at Provincetown Art Museum, Provincetown MA  (juried by Arlette Kayafas, Kayafas Gallery, Boston MA)  (Feb-Apr 2016);
    "Sideshow Nation IV: Through the Rabbit Hole", Sideshow Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY (in collaboration with Life on Mars Gallery)  (Jan-Apr 2016). Reviewed by Piri Halasz on her blog "From the Mayor's Doorstep" Mar. 2, 2016;
    "Winter Solstice Show 2015", Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA;
    Summer Show 2015, Hutson Gallery, Provincetown MA;
    "Winter Solstice Show 2014", Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA;
    "Your Work Here, 2.0",  Photographic Resource Center, Boston MA (Nov. 2014 - Jan.2015);
    Summer Show 2014, Hutson Gallery, Provincetown MA;
    "Winter Solstice Show 2013", Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA;
    Summer Show 2013, Hutson Gallery, Provincetown MA;
    Juried Show 2012, Danforth Museum of Art (juried by Katherine French, Museum Director), Framingham MA; 
    Selections Show,  Hutson Gallery, Provincetown MA (Summer 2012);
    "Modernists", 4-person show, Judith Klein Gallery, New Bedford, MA (Summer 2012). Reviewed in South Coast Today, June 07, 2012;
    Juried Exhibition, Provincetown Art Museum, Provincetown MA  (juried by Allison Kemmerer, Addison Gallery of American Art, Fall 2011);
    “Reaching for the Sky: 4 Artists Working with Color”, Hutson Gallery, Provincetown MA (Summer 2011). Reviewed extensively & reproduced in Provincetown Magazine, May 19, 2011;
    Juried Show 2011, Danforth Museum of Art, Framingham MA;
    “Black & White Show ‘09”, Duxbury Art Center, Duxbury MA.;
    “Photo’09 Black & White Classic Show”, Brush Art Gallery, Lowell MA (juried by Howard Yezerski, Howard Yezerski Gallery, Boston MA);
    “New Directions 2008”, Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie NY (juried by Asher Miller, curator, Metropolitan Museum of Art);
    at the Wingspread Gallery in Northeast Harbor, Mt. Desert Island, Maine   in Aug-Oct 2007, in June-July 2008, and in July-Aug 2009; 

    and frequent group shows in 2009-2020 at Galatea Fine Art Gallery, Boston MA (founding member).


​Artist Statement


With my camera, I paint passages of abstract compositions that nature and humans inevitably create.

There is abstract beauty in unexpected places – sometimes on the surface, often time as an underlying revelation.

Was it Susan Sontag who spoke of “art that upends assumptions, that challenges perceptions of beauty?..”



Prior reviews

      Cate McQuaid, art reviewer, The Boston Globe -->
 "Eleanor Steinadler's clever photographs of construction sites at Galatea Fine Art often view lumbering machines as heroic beasts. In "Summer, South Boston, #8" for instance, many cranes raise their blue and orange lantern jaws into the sky, like a group of gazelles cocking their heads at a sudden noise.
In a series she shot of an abandoned construction site, her noble protagonists appear more forlorn. In "Abandoned Construction, Truro MA, #3" three trucks turn away from us; two lean into each other and the third leans away, and we know none of them should be leaning at all. Construction denotes transition to something new; Steinadler's images of this ghost site, then, take on a particular poignancy, pictures of deserted dreams."
       Press release, Fuchs Projects Gallery, Brooklyn NY -->
  "Eleanor Steinadler has been photographing various Construction sites in the past few years. What began as a temporary fascination, has developed into a true constructive engagement.

Each site of construction had to be seen completely anew: thus, the NYC site has muscular strong saturated colors. The Truro site is bathed in a thinner, subtle, translucent atmosphere of Cape Cod – the partially reflected light of the nearby ocean. The Cambridge MA site rides on the contrast of ‘wet’ greens of the vegetation against the striking raw sienna of construction sand. The series continues with the harsher urban shots of South Boston, with its construction equipment taking a day off, idling in strange frozen poses.

The NYC and Truro series, represented here, provide a telling contrast. The emphasis for the very urban site, is on the clarity of every detail, fascinating in its sudden unfamiliarity. In the Cape Cod shots, Steinadler skillfully broadens our perspective. The view opens up onto a subtly luminous landscape. In contrast, the rusting construction equipment is almost swallowed by this expanse, alien in its fraught freedom under the open skies, but held in tenuous balance by the skill of Steinadler’s feeling for the composition within each photograph. Here, with each new shot, the colors shift slowly but inexorably, and the landscape gradually takes completely over, to leave a lasting ghostly impression in the viewers’ eye."

  © 2017 Philip Gerstein

       Foreword to the exhibition “In Color”, Marjorie Kaye, Director, Galatea Fine Art, Boston, MA -->
  “The artist is faithful to the deep essence of the subject matter, in this case natural surroundings, all throughout the process. Part of the engagement one feels comes from a certain honesty in the photographs… .  The artist, who prints the work herself, mindfully avoids too much saturation or density, keeping the color and light, clear and unimpeded.  Yet still, through some magic of this artist’s singular vision, there is an otherworldliness to this work, as if she has seen in these places a spiritual perfection that underlies the realm of the commonplace.”

       Catalog of the exhibition “Reaching for the Sky: 4 Artists Working with Color”, Hutson Gallery, Provincetown, MA -->
  “Steinadler in her photographic work had come from the other direction. Out of her accomplished background as an abstract painter, she (di)stilled the swirling brushstrokes of color and movement into her “direct” photography, retaining an unerring sense of found composition and a preoccupation with transformative color, color activated from within. A photograph captures but a moment, but Steinadler’s photographs give us a clear harmonious feeling of contemplative space, of touching space-time together with the artist -- of being present at a very special time on earth. The ecstatic colors transport us into the deeper space. The artist looks for and finds a special light – such as the unique Winter light on Cape Cod, reflecting into the atmosphere from the ocean -- but ultimately gives us a glimpse of the light that shines from within, refracting into the multicolored world that surrounds us, revealing it to us anew.”


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